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Engineering Services

Practical, No-Nonsense Engineering Is Our Business

Why SandMold? A few good reasons are:

SandMold's Engineering Services Group

Recognized throughout industry, the expertise of our Engineering Services Group covers a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines, including structural, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, electronic, hydraulic, and environmental. Our Engineering Services Group is also staffed with machine specialists, metal casting and fabrication technicians, and materials processing experts.

Even the best of blue-ribbon foundries rarely have that unique combination of talent and multi-faceted experience to avoid potentially costly risk exposure when the need arises for improved production efficiency or a new facility. That's why many leading companies invariably protect their hard-earned reputations and competitive positions by enlisting the services of SandMold Systems, Inc. to optimize return on production improvement dollars.

Experienced Field Service Staff

After installation, we get your facility off to a running start with our on-staff field service engineers and technicians. Fully knowledgeable in every aspect of your project's requirements, they also provide training of your production and maintenance personnel.

Hands-On Equipment Experience

We are not only a diversified engineering company, we also manufacture a wide range of materials handling components, production equipment, and specialized process equipment for major companies throughout the world.  We also have an excellent international relationship with other leading equipment manufacturers.

Technology Starts At Home

We are in business to provide you with the best of modern production-proven methods. To take advantage of all available technology, we fully utilize CAD, business computers, and network modem communications to assure efficient, cost-effective service.

Financial Strength

An impeccable history of financial strength earned through more than 25 years of quality performance becomes an added asset when SMS is "your engineering company". As such, we are in a position to provide a broad range of bonding and performance packages for specific applications.

Synergistic Bonus

Because fruitful technology developed in one discipline is often applicable in others, our experience may very well provide unique competitive advantages for your project. SMS is a leading world-wide supplier of equipment and systems to the Metal Casting, Bulk Materials, and Process Mixing Industries, and is developing a leadership role in Resource Recovery Technology. Details of these activities are available on request.

We Keep Promises

Each member of our team has a vested interest in meeting our commitment to you. The result is flexibility and dedication throughout our organization that permits us to routinely perform at a level others strive for but rarely achieve with consistency. Our employee-owners simply cannot afford to disappoint each other, and they certainly cannot afford to disappoint you!

SandMold's Engineering Group and it's qualified technical staff has provided industry with over 60 years of proven engineering expertise.  We have handled hundreds of design projects covering virtually every phase of manufacturing in the various industries we serve. SMS engineering is perpetually striving to advance its technical capabilities by incorporating into its designs the latest state-of-the-art techniques from computerized designing to sophisticated systems logic controls.

Our goal is to satisfy the customers requirements, whatever his needs. From complete new plant design, plant modification, new production systems, system changes or bringing existing facilities into compliance with OSHA, EPA or ANSI standards.

SMS applies engineering intelligence to each of its projects, combining experienced design, cost effectiveness and an on time delivery commitment. With our controls division, SMS has the background and experience to provide engineering for the most up-to-date system logic, motor controls and computer interface requirements.

Feasibility Studies

Careful planning is the essential key to any successful job and SMS's thousands of engineering man-hours and experience are concentrated on making the required studies and plans to engineer a successful project. We start with you the customer, through meetings and on-site visits, we identify your exact needs. With this information in hand, we apply proven technologies to solve your specific problem or need.  At the same time, our engineering staff develops realistic budgeting and timetable projections for installation, completion and start-up.

Plant Layout

Upon completion of the initial feasibility study, on site visits and meetings with the customer, SMS prepares its preliminary plant layout. The SMS plant layout is an overall plan and elevation view of the operations within  the plant. It shows how the various systems relate to each other. The systems are then integrated to provide the most efficient flow of materials and product from beginning to end of the production process.

Every phase of the plant operation is laid out; building, mechanical structures, foundations, wiring and piping. The completed layout is presented to the customer to enable him to get an overall view of the operation. Upon approval SMS then initiates the system design.

System Design

The system design is where SMS's engineering concentrates its design capabilities. This is where a project moves from proposal to order to layout and detailing. General arrangement drawings are prepared showing all equipment in large scale and locating all walkways, handrails, and service platforms.  Once these are reviewed and approved, detailed drawings are processed for equipment manufacturing and structural fabrication. Our working relationship with top equipment manufacturers, plus our own manufacturing and fabricating facilities, ensures the best system design available. A design which integrates the latest in equipment and manufacturing techniques.

Field Start-Up/ Commissioning Services

SMS will not only design and build new manufacturing systems for your plant, we are there during equipment installation, start-up and initial production runs of the system. We help train your maintenance and operations people to familiarize them with the new equipment and systems.

System Control Design

Our controls division at Roberts Sinto Corp, offers highly sophisticated design and build services for programmable controllers, computer and electronic controls. We combine cutting edge technology and design expertise for cost effective automated or semi-automated control systems. You can rely on Roberts Sinto's system integrator qualified engineers and craftsmen, to provide control systems that are rugged, reliable and economical.

Drafting and design expertise combined with state-of-the-art design tools enable the creation of accurate, easy to read system documentation. From initial concept through final design, we can ensure clean, accurate renderings of control systems.
Metals producing, machine tool, chemical processing, environmental and energy are just some of the industries utilizing control systems designed and manufactured by the specialists at SMS/RSC. Let our state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience in industrial control design work to create a cost-effective system for your industrial control application.