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Rotary Cone Paste Feeder

The SMS Rotary Cone Paste Feeder provides smooth, controlled feed of difficult to handle materials used in many manufacturing processes. Unique design features eliminate bridging, hanging, arching and jamming such materials as lead-acid battery paste, drilling muds, filter cake, compounds, refractories, ramming and mortar mixes, jellies, and putty. The Rotary Cone Paste Feeder is available in portable and stationary models with 5, 10, 20 an d55 cubic foot holding capacities.

... smooth controlled feed at adjustable rates

Rotary Cone Paste Feeder 1

Interior Machine Aerial View (with Optional Machined Surface)

Rotary Cone Paste Feeder 2

Rotary Cone Paste Feeder 3

How does it work?

At the completion of the material mixing/preparation cycle, the batch is discharged directly from the mixer into the SMS Rotary Cone Feeder. As the feeder's cone revolves, the material is scraped from the side of the cone by a machined wall scraper blade and flows through the discharge opening at the bottom of the feeder with material dischargedon a first-in-first-out basis.

The folow rate of the SMS Rotary Cone Paste Feeder can be regulated at the discharge opening by an easily adjusted gate, assuring a controlled, uniform flow rate at the point of discharge. The SMS Rotary Cone Paste Feeder features rugged construction, guards, adjustable discharge flow closure gate and dependable heavy duty electric drive.

Rotary Cone Paste Feeder

How it Works