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SMS Speedmixer

The heavy duty mixer for todays tough mixing process

MixerMixing action illustrates intensive material interaction which results from every particle being in rapid motion. The unique plow arrangement and centrifugal force simultaneously impart vertical, horizontal and turning motion to the entire material mass.

MixerThe SMS Speedmixer was developed to provide fast, efficient mixing of materials in a wide range of applications. The innovative mixing tool design makes it possible to achieve exceptional results in extremely short cycles while attaining batch after batch consistency.

SMS Speedmixers are available with either replaceable rubber or steel sidewall liners and the easily replaceable mixing tools are available in high quality tungsten carbide.

Cleanup is fast and easy because of inner and outer wall scrapers and streamline design of the mixer crosshead.

All SMS mixers are available as individual units or may be incorporated in an SMS complete automatic mixing system.

Complete Line of Services Include:

  • Speedcompounders
  • State-of-the-Art Controls
  • Project Estimating
  • Installation
  • Material Weigh Systems
  • Bulk Handling & Storage Systems
  • System Design

mixer specs

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