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Speedflow Continuous Mixer Versatility and Efficient Mixing for a Wide Variety of Products

The SMS Speedflow Mixer makes continuous processing practical for materials that could not be adequately mixed by continuous mixers in the past.  The Speedflow can thoroughly blend materials of various densities and can handle a wide range of consistencies.

The patented Speedflow mixing action involves two counter rotating parallel-mounted shafts with glades that produce an intersecting helical effect. Our blades are at 90 degree internals through one revolution. This concerpt provides extraordinary mixing action permitting complete dispersion as material is divided, lifted and transferred back and forth between the counter rotating blades. The mixing action is such that it will mix fragile materials (cereals, detergent, etc.) attaining complete homogeneity with little or no degradation of material.

The available SMS Speedlfow System includes storage, delivery, feeding and metering packages for liquid and dry materials. Variable speed positive-displacement pumps and moisture analyzers are available for precise metering and control of liquid additions.  Dry material flow rates are controlled volumetrically and/or by weight. A completley automated operation can be realized at a competitive cost.

Patented Mixing Action

Heavy Duty Speedflow with these Exclusive Features

Heavy Duty Speedflow

  • Rubber lined mixing trough that outlasts steel
  • Variable speed provided gives you the versatility to mix a wide variety of products.
  • Replaceable, specially hardened mixing blades provide positive mixing action


Patented Speedflow Mixing Action


The Speedflow Continuous Mixer is ideally suited for adding minute quantities of liquids to the product when required or, to eliminate dust problems when handling fine mesh materials.  The exceptional mixing efficiency of terms permits cost saving reduction of binder and/or additives to botain specified properties.  SMS Speedflow Mixers are used for dry, semi-dry and paste products such as: cereal products, granola bars, powdered drink mixes, detergent, herbicides, insecticides, coal and oil emulsification, fly ash and filter cake, and Basic Oxygen Furnace dust.  In addition, the Speedflow Mixer is available in stainless steel, sanitary design and variable speed drives.